Trailer boat that rides like a launch

NZ Fishing mag was quoted as saying "The Pinnacle 720 Trailer boat that rides like a launch". For those wanting a serious fishing vessel in an easy trailerable size, the 720 is the perfect boat. 

The NEW Pinnacle 720.

Working in conjunction with Scott Robson, the Pinnacle 720 has superior ride quality due to the monohedron hull design. Like all Pinnacle models your boat can be customised in a multitude of ways - to get it just the way you want it.


A rounded bow down to the chine gives the hull its distinctive look and 6mm marine grade aluminium provides its strength. Eight rod holders frame the hardtop, capture the essence of the 720 while its size and weight make it an easy tow behind 4WD vehicles.

On Deck

Obviously designed by a fisherman, the cockpit is large and uncluttered. Attention to detail is everywhere, like a storage drawer beneath the filleting table, right where it’s needed, and the transom featuring two step-throughs with live bait tanks underneath both.


Step past the well protected wheelhouse with King and Queen seating into the comfort of a fully lined cabin with storage everywhere and mod cons that can extend to a flush toilet. Snap the berth infill into place and there’s plenty of sleeping room for overnighters.

Game Changing Performance.

Designed to accommodate a diesel inboard or your preference of outboard propulsion, the 720’s combination of monohedron hull, deep keel and power to weight ratio ensures an incomparable ride and superior fuel economy.


The key objective of a Pinnacle boat is to achieve the best possible fuel efficiency. That’s why the builder prefers inboard diesels for propulsion.  Very few trailer boats offer this option but if you’re a fisherman who likes to cover a bit of territory there’s nothing more frugal. Inboards also enhance weight distribution and, combined with the efficient hull design, can troll all day on the smell of an oily rag.

Key Features

Monohedron hull
The hull is the foundation for a vessel’s safety, ride, handling and performance. Developed with Scott Robson, Pinnacle’s monohedron design is at the forefront of marine architecture.

It’s not our Pinnacle, it’s yours, so choose the appointments, features, fabrics and colours that float your boat and we’ll work them into a blueprint that will make it yours in every way.

Inboard or outboard
Whether you prefer inboard diesel or have a favourite outboard, your Pinnacle is designed to deliver outstanding performance, handling and, of course, fuel economy.

Lloyds certified
At the time of writing, Alistair McEwen is one of only two Lloyds registered welders in New Zealand. That’s comforting to know when racing a storm home on the west coast.


Principal Dimensions

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